Letter to the Editor: Good Riddance to Congresswoman Jaime Herrera Beutler


Ms. Jaime Herrera Beutler is on her way out. And she knows it.

Good riddance.

After she voted to impeach Trump for "personal" reasons, the backlash from conservative Republicans throughout her 3rd Congressional District in Southwest Washington and across the nation was loud and clear.

Now, the Clark County Republican committee has voted to stop her support and stop her money from the committee.

Good for them.

A Republican has an obligation to represent the Republicans that paid the freight and voted them into office. Just like Democrats.

You want to be an independent, then run as one.

Some would say, including former Chronicle publisher and current columnist Michael Wagar in a commentary dated Feb. 27, that Jaime Herrera Beutler should be applauded for standing tall and strong with her anti-Trump vote. I expect that from Mr. Wagar. His liberal political stance is well known through his years moving up through The Chronicle.

I like him and respect him as a writer, even if I think his politics are eschewed from reality.

I would guess that other Republicans and or Democrats who now stand for Herrera Beutler are part of the "I hate Trump" team.

They hate Trump and anyone who supports him with a passion. Why hate a president who has done so much for our country? Easy. Trump at times, a lot of times, was considered rude and offensive. He was not always, if ever, politically correct. He hurt people's feelings. He wanted to clean out the swamp. That's unpopular in D.C. So what? He got the job done that he promised during his campaign that he would do.

He did it with one hand tied behind his back. The Democrats and liberal media started in on him the day he rode the escalator. They tied that hand behind him.

Millions spent on investigations of Russia, Russia, Russia all ended up like a big fat goose egg in their face. When they did not pan out they went after him with a vengeance every day. A second phoney trumped up impeachment rolls into town, and Jaime Herrera Beutler can't wait to jump in the limelight. She steps to the microphone and sits on her own political throat.

In the past couple weeks, Jaime Herrera Beutler has held a town hall meeting and sent out a valentines and religious holiday greeting over social media. Obviously she’s on a mission to get herself out of hot water and back in the good graces of those party leaders with the check book. She failed.

Funny, I don't recall her reaching out to me or the rest of the district Republicans before her impeachment vote. No town hall meeting online. No mass mailings, no social media blitz. Had she done so — had the majority of our voters supported her impeachment vote — then I would accept her actions. She was after all elected to represent the people.

But she chose to represent her own "personal" feelings. She has no doubt figured out by now that she's done. Loss of money. Loss of committee support. Loss of voter support.

Maybe her buddies on the other side of the aisle will find her a nice plush job as a lobbyist. She will fit right in .

Bye bye Jaime Herrera Beutler. We put you in office, and now we are taking you out of office.


Bradd Reynolds



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