Letter to the Editor: Gratitude, Passion Drive My Candidacy for Port of Centralia


As a lifelong Centralia resident and a Centralia High School graduate, I am honored to serve my community as a commissioner with the Port of Centralia. It is an honor to give back to the community and work on creating jobs and opportunities. I hope I can count on your vote to continue this important work at the port.

In addition to my port duties, I currently serve as the director of engineering for Zev Technologies in Centralia. My 14 years working in private business has provided me with invaluable experience. I hire employees, implement policies, negotiate deals, make capital improvements, follow regulations, pay business taxes, manage staff and direct the growth of the company.

I am also an active volunteer with the Centralia School District and served as part of the Lewis County Citizens Budget Committee. I am the president of the Noah Jon Markstrom Foundation and I sit on the board of Pope’s Kids Place. In these roles, I have had an active part in making certain that funds are managed wisely and that critical missions are accomplished in the most effective way.

Seven years ago, I encouraged my employer to relocate a thriving business to the community I love. In 2014, Zev Technologies was located in Tumwater, outgrowing our facility and looking for a more business-friendly environment. With my ties to Centralia, I knew that the Port of Centralia would be the ideal site for the business and key to facilitating my employer’s relocation, expansion and success.

I was actively involved in the difficult work of relocating a business. Addressing the regulations of various levels of government, solving issues related to facilities and undertaking the unique costs of increasing our operations. Since our 2014 relocation, Zev Technologies grew from 20 employees to 120. I want to replicate my story for other businesses, so they can relocate to Centralia and be successful.

I want to see the port and the businesses within it continue to succeed. To accomplish our goals, we must build stronger relationships with our partners and remain business and community friendly. Together, as a team, we will fulfill the mission and vision of the port, City of Centralia and Lewis County.

I believe increasing the opportunity and options for our community is possible and key to a successful future for the next generation. Centralia’s central location on the I-5 corridor positions us well as an economic hub and center for commerce. Quality development is one of the cornerstones of great communities. Our port is key in accomplishing development that serves taxpayers by adding to the tax base, which helps fund critical entities like our schools and fire departments through levies while easing the tax burden on our residents.

In a time of need, this community lifted my family up. Gratitude gives me passion to continue repaying that generosity by creating a more successful community as your port commissioner. I hope I can count on your vote. There are bright days ahead.


Kyle Markstrom



Editor’s note: Political candidates are allowed to publish one letter to the editor per election cycle.