Letter to the Editor: Grocery Store Exchange Shows Kindness Still Exists


On a late October Friday, in the early evening, I stopped at the Chehalis Grocery Outlet store to purchase one of their nice, medium-sized houseplants that I had looked at previously.

At the checkout stand, the man ahead of me told me to go ahead of him with my one item.

I thanked him and said that I didn't mind waiting. He insisted I go ahead of him and as I did he told the checker to put my plant purchase on his grocery tab.

Again, I thanked him and said that he didn't need to do that. He said he wanted to pay for the plant. I thanked him and told him that I would "pay this kindness forward."

I didn't think to ask his name, and I'm sorry about that. I hope he reads The Chronicle and sees this letter of thanks.

He proved that kindness does still exist in our two cities.


Gerry Bilyeu


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