Letter to the Editor: Hamilton Helped Return Students to In-Person Learning


I urge voters to elect Kelsi Hamilton for the Chehalis School Board.

It has never been more important to have parent representation guiding Chehalis schools. In my 38 years as a citizen of Lewis County, I’ve never seen a more challenging time for our students and families.

Over the past year, Kelsi spearheaded the community group that helped get our kids safely back into in-person learning many months before other districts our size. With her calm and confident style, she met with the health department, spoke at commissioners’ meetings and closely followed the Chehalis School Board happenings.

She did this all without seeking recognition or praise, knowing that returning our kids to normalcy as soon as possible was necessary to their health. In addition to civic leadership skills, Kelsi is a mother of three in the Chehalis School District with values centered in faith and fiscal conservativeness.

I hope that her parental voice will join the wonderful teacher input from Colleen State in the District 4 position.


Eric Brooks