Letter to the Editor: Hamilton Will Be a Voice for Families in Chehalis School District


I am proud to express full confidence in Kelsi Hamilton’s character and her capabilities to represent Chehalis School District stakeholders. Kelsi has run her campaign with the issues and the people of the Chehalis School District at the center of her work.

Kelsi concentrates her efforts on building relationships and developing viable solutions that will strengthen student safety and learning. These solutions are grounded in solid research and attempts to hear multiple sides. It is without doubt that she will do the same in the role of Chehalis School Director.

Kelsi is a fearless advocate for families, students and public schools. She is honest, kind, straightforward and open-minded.

She is adept at identifying the needs of diverse populations and at building relationships across the political spectrum to improve school safety, construction and operations.

I cannot think of anyone better qualified to advocate on behalf of all Chehalis School District stakeholders than Kelsi Hamilton. Speaking as a teacher of 21 years, a W.F. West High School graduate and the parent of three students currently attending Chehalis public schools, it is with great excitement and complete resolve that I endorse Kelsi Hamilton for Chehalis school director.


Sarah Mittge


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