Letter to the Editor: Hamilton Will Be Voice of Parents on Chehalis School Board


Please consider casting your Chehalis School Board vote for Kelsi Hamilton. Kelsi has been an incredible asset to our school district over the years. The opportunity to have her serve on the school board will be incredibly beneficial to our community and school district.

As a fellow parent, Kelsi and I worked together to implement the Watch D.O.G.S programs in our elementary schools. At the basic level, providing opportunities for father figures to have a place to serve in our elementary schools is a positive experience that bridges student, parent, school and community relationships. For several years, Kelsi was instrumental in orchestrating the Chehalis PTA Daddy Daughter Dances. Kelsi recognizes that each part of a student's relational life is important and works hard to acknowledge and support each role that influences a child's life.

Kelsi is a fantastic listener, problem solver and is well prepared and well informed. She asks direct and precise questions and then works to find appropriate responses and solutions. Her work with the Legislature will give our school board an edge on what is happening during each legislative session so we can prepare as a community and work through challenges together.

Having gone to a school board meeting recently, I was disappointed that certain members of the current school board were uninformed and unprepared. I know they mean well and I appreciate their service. I feel that Kelsi can take our school board to a more accessible (not just emails), prepared (not just generic statements) and parent-represented level.

Above all, Kelsi is an involved parent who wants to be a voice for parents. The Chehalis School District has involved and supportive parents but they feel that the parental voice is not being heard or considered.

As involved parents, we see how hard our schools work for our students. We work hard to honor and support the staff that give our children their very best day in and day out. Our community rallies around our schools whenever a need arises. Our community celebrates the amazing kids and the work they accomplish. We are blessed to live, work and raise children in this community. But it takes continual work between parents, school staff, school board and community to raise and educate the next generation of good and productive citizens.

I think Kelsi Hamilton is the best choice in this election for continuing this vital work and being the voice of parents. Thank you.


Brock Mueller


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