Letter to the Editor: Hamilton Will Bring Transparency to Chehalis School Board


If we have learned anything over the last 20 months, it is that transparency is absolutely essential.

This is why Kelsi Hamilton is the best choice for Chehalis School Board District 3.

Parents expect transparency from their elected school board, teachers, administrators and of course the Chehalis school superintendent. For the past 20 months, parents have been asking for more transparency and credible information regarding some very important decisions that affect all children attending the Chehalis School District. I tried to get this information from the current District 3 Chehalis School Board member and the best she could do is refer me to the superintendent. Not exactly what I expect from someone who has served on the Chehalis School Board for over 12 years.

I had the pleasure to meet with Hamilton. I wanted to know what inspired her to run for the Chehalis School Board. I was so impressed with her passion and honesty about her reasons for running. I had the opportunity to talk with her about several issues I believe are very important within the high school and I believe the Chehalis School Board can play a role in.

No one can argue with the success of the W.F. West STEM program, two brand new schools and an impressive college acceptance percentage.

But the district can do better.

I was able to honestly discuss several areas I truly believe can be done better and benefit more students.

After I met with Kelsi, I truly believe she is the best candidate for the Chehalis School Board District 3 position. It is time to have a school board member who has kids attending schools within the district. It is time to have a school board member who understands transparency. It is also time for new blood and a fresh perspective. Change is good and change is definitely needed for the Chehalis School Board. Remember to vote Nov. 2 and vote Kelsi Hamilton for Chehalis School Board District 3.


Michelle Schilter


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