Letter to the Editor: Harry Bhagwandin Is Not Walking His Talk


I decided more than a year ago to follow the candidates and to be a better prepared citizen when it came time to vote. I’ve been to four candidate forums where Scott Brummer and Harry Bhagwandin were present. There are concerns I have about Bhagwandin and where his loyalty lies.

On all four occasions, Bhagwandin recited how he would stand up for the people, in their individual, unique community, reciting how the people in that community should have reins on guiding the direction their community grows. Sounds good, but then he did the opposite. 

This year, the small town of Mineral was up in arms about a huge YMCA complex pushing their way to grab hundreds of acres and change its land use. At the forum, when the candidates were asked how they would approach and handle this issue in Mineral, the two candidates had different answers. One would think that Bhagwandin’s highest priority would be the people, the heart of the Mineral Community. But no, Bhagwandin did not walk his talk and said he would side with the YMCA owners. 

Scott Brummer’s reply was much different. Brummer cited the unmitigated impact of water, sewage, and the influx of drawing hundreds/thousands of people that will change Mineral’s pristine small-town livelihood. Brummer said he took the time to visit Mineral and speak with the residents, something Bhagwandin did not do at the time. Brummer found the large majority were against the YMCA. So why didn’t Bhagwandin honor his word about standing up for the community? It reminds me of political talk, saying one thing out of one side of your mouth and doing something different. 

When a question came up about supporting President Joe Biden’s “New Green Deal,” Bhagwandin appeared to be in favor of it. Bhagwandin said he was upset with the oil companies. Brummer explained that we need to get our energy independence back as soon as possible. Biden promised to stop the drilling. 

Brummer said he is not against renewable energies, but in the meantime, if we are going to survive, we must get our oil production up again. When asked about Gov. Jay Inslee’s mandates, Bhagwandin said he complied and supported them. Does he realize how these lockdowns affected the children, parents and people’s businesses? This past week, the Biden administration is now admitting to these errors they made shutting down the schools. 

Harry Bhagwandin seems to lean left on so many issues and is very weak on our constitutional rights. I am concerned that Harry Bhagwandin will follow in lock-step with Gov. Inslee. We need a commissioner with a backbone not someone that goes along to get along. That is why I am voting for Scott Brummer. 

Scott is a strong believer in our Constitution and protecting people’s rights. He is far more knowledgeable than Bhagwandin in our county and state government requirements with 20 years working with our county and state regulations. Join me in voting for Scott Brummer.


Chris Granger

Silver Creek