Letter to the Editor: Has No One Paid Attention to the Last Two Years?


On the day after the election, I scratch my head and wonder if anyone has paid any attention to events of the last two years.

Patty Murray, unable to run on her record, used scare tactics claiming the Republicans would kill Social Security, outlaw abortion and several other heinous crimes. In our county, always very conservative, it appears we elected a Democrat to Congress.

Nationally, it's a close race in the Senate, and could easily end up 50/50 again.

Even the House appears close, although at this moment it looks like the Republicans might gain control.

Apparently most people in this country don't mind $5 gasoline, $4 milk, double-digit inflation, mortgage rates nearing 7%, the Biden corruption, a president approaching, if not already having, dementia, the climbing crime rate, our southern border problem and our rapidly disappearing retirement accounts.

Are we going to face another two years of infighting and political clashes? It's going to be difficult to change any of the above with Congress deadlocked for another two years. And today President Biden apparently dared the Republicans to go after his son, Hunter. Or am I just being too sensitive?


Bruce Peterson