Letter to the Editor: Having a Choice in Sheriff’s Race Is a Good Thing


I am so happy to see there is a choice for Lewis County sheriff this coming election. I feel our current sheriff disqualified himself when he chose to rally with armed protesters and demean law-abiding citizens. His job is to enforce the law, not decide certain groups are exempt. I understand they were aligned with his political views, but that is no excuse. Armed protesters of any political view are a danger to everyone. 

I also thought it was interesting that other law enforcement departments in Lewis County are supporting the current sheriff because they cooperate with each other. I’m pretty sure those mutual aid agreements were in place long before the current sheriff was in office. They will no doubt remain in place when he’s gone. That statement was pure politics.

I hope we will elect someone who respects all the people. He is supposed to “serve and protect” us all, not just people who share his political agenda.

Even a sheep can figure that out.


Linda Wherry