Letter to the Editor: Here’s to the Women of the Centralia School Board


By proclamation of the governor, January is School Board Recognition Month. 

The Centralia School Board is a team of dedicated individuals committed to serving our students, district, and community. The phenomenal women serving the Centralia School District are Lori Fast, board chair; Amy Buzzard, vice-chair; Beverly Clark, director; Mandi McDougal, director; and Vickie Jackson, director.

Serving as a school board member requires hours of time, difficult decision-making, extensive listening skills, continual learning, courage to face adversity, and the ability to unite with others for the benefit of our students and community. The Board bears the responsibility of governing our school district and ensuring we do everything possible for student success. It is a time-consuming and complex role that often does not receive the appreciation and recognition it deserves.

As a group, the school board attends approximately 32 school board meetings per year in addition to the other meetings, appearances, and preparation work they do. On average, their service in a year totals 52 weeks, 364 days, 8,736 hours, 524,160 minutes or 31,449,600 seconds. We are thankful and appreciative of their time and effort on behalf of our district and our students. 

As a community, we are fortunate to have such committed individuals serving our students, district and community.  


Lisa Grant


Centralia School District