Letter to the editor: Holmes will bring trust, action and accountability to Centralia School Board


Not many people like the idea of change, but change is exactly what is needed in the Centralia School District. After suffering yet another levy failure, a fresh new perspective is certainly in order. That is why I am voting for Sarah Holmes for Centralia School Board.

Our school district has been faced with ongoing challenges such as budget shortfalls, an influx of new students, diminished programs and escalating violence within the upper grade-levels. We need board members who are willing to discuss these tough issues, come up with solutions and make hard decisions for the betterment of the students and staff. We need leaders on our board who are willing to hear their community’s plea for safety and security while providing a solid education free of rhetoric. 

Sarah Holmes has the strong leadership skills and common sense we so desperately need. Previously employed by the Centralia School District, Sarah brings a unique perspective to the table. Working inside the school system has enabled her to see what is working, and what is not. Sarah is also a parent of students in the district, as well as a resident and property owner in Centralia. Sarah understands the value of supporting our schools through tax dollars, as well as the importance of building stability, support and trust in her community. Sarah and her husband are local business owners; she understands the hardships brought on by the economy and ways to navigate these tough times through fiscal responsibility to accomplish goals. Having these life experiences, Sarah brings a well-rounded perspective and a better understanding of the needs of our district and our community.

We all know doing the same thing over and over, yet expecting a different result, is foolishness. I urge our community to join me in making change now. Vote for the candidate who is willing to earn our trust with action and accountability. Vote for Sarah Holmes for Centralia School Board.


Wendy Pinion