Letter to the Editor: ‘Honor Before Humility’ and the Race for Sheriff


Honor before humility.

This is Tracy Murphy’s slogan you see on signs around Lewis County. Unfortunately, I have not seen his campaign reflecting those words.

Sheriff Rob Snaza is counted on to make decisions every day that he believes are in the best interest of Lewis County. Some I agree with, and some I don’t. When leadership makes tough decisions, they are rarely met with unanimous support. This is the weight the sheriff bears when making hard decisions.

Tracy Murphy’s campaign has recently chosen to capitalize on this. They have focused on the complaints of citizens who disagree with some of Sheriff Snaza’s decisions, instead of focusing on the positive changes Tracy plans to bring to the county, should he be elected.

This is not honorable.

During a Chronicle News Dump podcast that aired on Aug. 11, Tracy Murphy was asked to say one nice thing about his opponent. Tracy Murphy said he voted for Rob and enjoys talking to Rob, but ended with, “it’s time to retire.”

This is not humble.

On the contrary, Sheriff Snaza’s campaign team has chosen not to capitalize on citizens who are disgruntled about decisions Tracy has made as sergeant. They have campaigned for Sheriff Snaza without slinging mud onto Tracy Murphy.


During the same News Dump podcast, when Sheriff Snaza was asked to say one nice thing about Tracy Murphy, he spoke of how great an officer Tracy Murphy was. Sheriff Snaza said Tracy has done great things for the Centralia Police Department and the community he serves. Sheriff Snaza even commented on Tracy being a strong family man.


Campaign signs for both parties have been graffitied and damaged. Tracy Murphy’s team made the news public and allowed their supporters to focus the blame on Sheriff Snaza's supporters. Sheriff Snaza’s team quietly replaced or removed the damaged signs.

“Honor before humility” is a great campaign slogan, and it’s pretty clear whose campaign has lived up to those words.


Laura Schouten