Letter to the Editor: I Support the WDFW Acquisition of TransAlta Mine Lands


Yes, I support the efforts of TransAlta and the WDFW working together to create a wildlife recreation area. I realize my title is a bit boring, but it is certainly accurate and to the point, unlike the headlines put out by The Chronicle, which included “A Massive Economic Hit” as a quote of a Lewis County commissioner and commentaries about building Sea-Tac 2, or a championship golf course or a NASCAR speedway. If you read those articles and not just the headline, you would see at the end they were just dreaming or just putting forth some silly ideas. Anyone who knows much about the mine property knows it is not suitable for an airport. No one is going to come in and build a championship golf course or a NASCAR speedway. The few flat areas that were developed for industry have sat idle for over 10 years with no takers. I guess the “Massive Economic Hit” is when we all realize the golf course, speedway and airport were just dreams and silly ideas. 

So what could several thousand acres of mined out property be used for? There’s hundreds of acres of reclaimed ground with young forests, there’s wetlands and ponds and grasslands and lakes. There’s creeks, and roads, and paths, and high lookouts. There is an abundance of wildlife most people don’t ever get a chance to see. I’ve seen the enormous herds of elk, the deer, bear, cougar and bobcats. All the ducks and geese, the rabbits and the eagles and so much more. I think it should be used for what it is, an awesome habitat for wildlife and recreation. I’m a retired miner. I worked out on that ground for over 40 years and I know it well. I can read past the dramatic headlines and know they were just being silly without reading to the end. However, it concerns me that others in the community without that experience may be misled. I hope The Chronicle editorial board will look at the property, look at all the facts, and make an informed opinion that you can then pass on to your readers.


Rick Longden