Letter to the Editor: I Would Bring Transparency and Independence to Port of Centralia


You may have seen the white and blue Paul Crowner yard signs around town, or met me, my wife or volunteers at over 2,000 of your front doors lately. I’m Paul Crowner running for the Port of Centralia, Commissioner District 1. I look forward to leading the port to thrive, to make a difference that can be seen in improving our community. My years as a teacher have taught me that the best decisions we make are as a result of knowing the facts, collaborating and having thoughtful considerations with each other. And, it is this new leadership that I want to bring to the port.

The port should benefit the community. In the future, I envision a port that couples immediate action with plans for the long term. Actively working for businesses and jobs and making an impact on projects that matter to you. I’ll focus on eliminating the port’s long-standing tax levy; making Centralia Station and a north Interstate 5 interchange priorities; and ensuring open and forthright relationships with businesses.

Because I don’t work for a tenant at the port, I will be an independent thinker with no conflicts of interest. I will protect your ability to ask questions and ensure you know where your money is going. And, I will make fiscal responsibility a top priority.

Don’t just take my word for it. I have been endorsed by professionals, labor unions and many individual community members. But the best endorsement I have is from my 12-year-old granddaughter who said, “Just tell people that my grandpa listens, and respects peoples’ opinions and ideas.”

In the 50 years that I’ve lived in Centralia, I’ve grown to have a deep appreciation for this community and for what is important to you. Transparency. Living wages. And independence. I will be proud to serve you on the Port Commission. Remember to cast your ballot for Paul Crowner for the Nov. 2 election.


Paul Crowner


Editor’s Note: Political candidates are allowed to write one letter to the editor per election cycle.