Letter to the Editor: If Legitimate Fears Over Vaccine Were Acknowledged, Maybe More Would Get Shots


As long as vaccines have existed, people have been suspicious of both the shots and those who administer them.

The first vaccine in America was for smallpox in the late 1700s. This first vaccine caused the first anti-vaccine movement in America. This current anti-vaccine movement is nothing new for America. I am classified as an anti-vaxxer because I chose not to get the vaccine for many different reasons.

This decision should be taken seriously and is between you and your doctor, not some government bureaucrat in Washington, D.C. I feel that putting limits on my freedoms that are granted to individuals who received the vaccine will not change my opinion.

I have no trust in the government, especially lately with all of the mixed messaging coming from Sleepy Joe, Dr. Fauci and the CDC.

I am being told that I am supposed to inject an experimental, not yet FDA-approved foreign substance into my body and just take the government’s word that it is safe. The government can’t even get the vaccine messaging right.

The fear of the vaccine, the side effects, breakthrough cases and possible long-term side effects are real.

If this fear is recognized and respected, then maybe the vaccine rates would be higher. It would probably help if the different government agencies who are trying to convince the anti-vaxxers to get the shot got on the same page about the vaccine.


Andrew R Boehm