Letter to the Editor: I’m Voting the Democratic Ticket This Year


I may not be a local, having moved here only 34 years ago, but having come from the Idaho backcountry makes me pretty similar to someone who was born here.  Where I’m different from many in the Big Bottom is that I’m voting the Democratic ticket this year.

I’m doing so because Democrats are working to level the playing field for the working class like us, instead of giving tax breaks to corporations and the ultra-rich like former President Donald Trump did. 

Democrats want young families to be able to buy homes and start businesses without spending years paying off overinflated educational loans. 

They have passed legislation to tackle inflation in our country which, though worldwide in nature, is worsened by corporate greed that had been welcomed in the previous administration.  And in the past two years of the Biden administration, Democrats have already cut the U.S. budget deficit in half.

They are fighting for senior citizens, instead of threatening to cut off our Social Security and Medicare in the near future.  And remember: We have all paid into Social Security all of our working lives.

Democrats will do their utmost to make sure the government doesn’t interfere in a woman’s right of choice over her own body.

And — for me, this is the greatest reason for voting the Democratic ticket — they will not give our democracy away.  We do not want to be an autocracy, like Russia or Hungary, and that is exactly what the MAGA movement is leading us to become.


Margery Barlow