Letter to the Editor: In Response to ‘What Happened to Aron Christensen?’


I lost my brother, Aron Christensen, and his sweet puppy, Buzzo, on one of your popular hiking trails this past summer.

You will keep pieces of our devastated family there, in your community, and among the trees in your beautiful forests.

Aron loved the outdoors; he loved the beauty found while hiking and being in nature. He was a kind man, a very much-loved brother, son, uncle and friend. My daughter loved calling out to him, “Uncle Aron, Uncle Aron!” and he would excitedly reply “Niecey Holly, Niecey Holly!”

Aron enjoyed visiting us, helping with our ranch chores, feeding the animals, walking our land. He loved cooking, he had a great gift and talent for preparing meals for family and friends. Of course, he was also a talented musician, a skill that courses throughout our family.

We are left now, months after Aron’s death, confused, grieving, lost and frustrated with the professionals we entrust our safety to. We are no different than so many others, trusting the authorities, believing that we will have answers, truth and justice.

The sadness and uncertainty continue to break us and bring us to tears. We are a family trying to navigate the loss of someone we love. Our grief is buried under the confusion of why Aron and Buzzo are both gone.

And more disturbing, why those who have confessed to committing this horrific crime continue to walk free around your community. Free to enjoy dinner with their loved ones. Free to laugh with friends. Free to walk among the rest of us law abiding citizens.

The systems have failed us and are broken like our spirits. We want Aron back. That cannot be done, but can the next best thing be done? To hold those accountable for their actions, for the inaction of a failed system to also be held accountable?

Is it too much to ask to simply be treated as a human? To treat us and this situation as kindly as if this were your loved brother or family member?

Hurt but still hopeful.


Natalie Parker

Klamath Falls, Oregon