Letter to the Editor: It’s Not About Shrinking Government — It’s About Eliminating Social Programs


In their recent U.S. News "Best States”  rankings, U.S. News and World Reports magazine named the state of Washington as the No. 1 state in America for the second consecutive year. Many factors were considered, but our state's leadership in energy, education and the economy propelled us to the top.

Fortunately, I read The Chronicle, so I am very relieved to know Lewis County conservatives have a wide variety of brilliant opinions about how to fix that.

I refuse, however, to listen to any right-wing Republican whining about taxes. Not after they and their former unlamented Whiner-in-Chief doled out another huge tax cut to corporations and wealthy Americans.

In the 1950s, routinely cited as the "good old days,” 45% of the federal government's revenue came from taxes paid by American corporations. Today that figure is 7%. Who do Republicans think that tax burden has shifted to and who is responsible for that shift? Of course, they are responsible for that.

I am sure Republicans believe if they can starve the government of revenue, they can shrink or eliminate the social programs they do not like. So, mostly retired Lewis County, where should that start? Social Security? Medicare? How about the "America the Beautiful" senior passes that allow seniors lifetime free access to our National Parks?

Oh, so it is really not about shrinking government. It is about eliminating the programs that serve someone else.

By the way, the last Republican to put forward a responsible proposal for a state income tax that would replace many other state taxes and shift the state's tax burden away from lower and middle income families to wealthy Washingtonians and corporations was Gov. Dan Evans in 1973.

It only highlights the intellectual and moral bankruptcy of the present day, very extreme right-wing Republican Party.


Marty Ansley



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Tom Duffy

Very good questions. Also why did we lose all of the great manufacturing companies and jobs that paid taxes to foreign competitors? Why didn't the new State income tax just passed include offsetting reductions to lower and middle income families?

Wednesday, April 28

Citizens pay corporate taxes, corporations do not. Washington is ranked this highly BECAUSE of school spending, high taxes and destruction of our power production facilities. I wish us all good luck with our beautiful electric cars, charged by fairy dust. Capital gains taxes, B&O taxes, and the outrageous costs of housing all homeless, and the cost of living makes this the

Wednesday, April 28