Letter to the Editor: It’s Not the Liberals Trying to Destroy the Country


I wonder if Chronicle columnist John McCroskey wrote the headline in his most recent commentary?

I don't think it is liberals trying to destroy the country. Because banning books, taking away voting rights, taking away a woman's right to choose based on a 17th century writing from a man who burned witches, hating immigrants, homophobia, xenophobia, declaring a insurrection “legitimate political discourse,” plotting to overturn a free and fair election, Congress people who are being investigated for sex trafficking like Matt Gaetz, wingnuts like  Marjorie Taylor Greene and Lauren Boebert — they all come from the GOP.

A supreme court justice was allowed to rule on cases involving a violent attempt to overthrow the government that his wife was financing. Ethics much?

This is not the GOP of small government and business, This GOP wants to cancel out voting and take away civil rights.

School curricula should be decided by those with advanced degrees in children's education, not some mouth-breathing FOX News pundit. Speaking of FOX, I resent how they have changed the word “Democrat” to mean something nefarious. People who never voted until Trump and never studied history denigrate Democrats by parroting FOX News words, but they still cash those Social Security checks. Some people don't even question FOX News nonsense, and it is damaging nonsense. But go ahead, tan your netherregions.

You are already reading the paper.

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Katherine Ford