Letter to the Editor: Joe Biden, Our Commander-in-Chief


The celebrated election of Joe Biden was heralded across this land as bringing back maturity and success to all things American, and by extension the rest of the world.

From his basement he told us, on occasion, that he was the right man for the job. The press carried his water and his ice cream. He was described as a nice guy even though his campaign was littered with insults to Americans asking him uncomfortable questions. Remember the “dog-face pony soldier” insult to the woman who had the temerity to ask him a question? So after seven plus months, what are the results?

We have a border that is wide open with up to a million foreign nationals having illegally entered the U.S., many with COVID-19, and then bused throughout America. We have out of control government spending disguised as “infrastructure” when in reality a Trojan horse for progressive policy wish lists that are directly contributing to out of control inflation. Check your wallet. China is on the strategic march and vacuuming up our technologies and infiltrating our universities and governmental structures through tactical financial support.

Finally, we have the fall of Afghanistan in a lightning Taliban Blitzkrieg that rolled up the whole country in a few weeks that would have made Adolf Hitler proud. This singular event will reverberate in history for decades to come.

Did I miss something?


Mitchel Townsend