Letter to the Editor: Joe Kent Endorses Kevin Emerson for PUD


I’m Joe Kent and I endorse Kevin Emerson for your next Lewis County Public Utility District commissioner for District 3.

Kevin Emerson is aligned with America First Policies. It is important for us to elect leaders with America First values in all levels of our government. The constitutional conservative values that you hold dear in Lewis County are under constant attack from extreme leftists that want to take over our country.

The enemies of our liberty are not just interested in state and federal level positions. They want to ensure that their agenda permeates down to the most local levels of our government. The best way to keep this from happening is to ensure that we vote for candidates with America First values in every race.

Kevin Emerson is your America First candidate for PUD commissioner District 3.

Visit kevinforcommissioner.com to learn more.


Joe Kent

Clark County