Letter to the Editor: Joe Kent — Integrity and Honesty


Joe Kent promotes the big lie that the election was stolen.   

You must question why.

There are two reasons why he might believe this. 

1.) He knows he is lying but chooses to propagate the big lie.

2.) He is gullible and will follow any conspiracy theory a leader propagates. He is a follower and can’t make decisions on his own on what is the truth or what are lies.   

Reason one: He knows he is propagating the big lie. Sixty court cases have shown that the presidential election was fair and Kent knows this. Then you must question that if he propagates the big lie, can he tell the truth about anything? If he was elected to Congress, would he continue to always lie to us? Yes he would. How can a person that lies about the election and wants to overthrow the election process defend our democracy? How can a person that wants to overthrow the election process have integrity?

Reason two: He is gullible and will follow any conspiracy theory leader/organization such as Q-Anon, nationalists, white supremacists, etc. This is a person that will always do what he is told and is not able to think for himself. Will he be able to stand up for our democracy and the people of Lewis County while being under the influence of others? No.

If Marie Gluesenkamp Perez wins the election, will Kent say the election is fraudulent? Or is it only legitimate if Kent wins? You notice he didn’t complain when he won. In other words, only Kent has the right to choose who has won the election. Not the voters. Only Kent can choose who should be elected. Not the voters. They don’t count. Only Kent and the leader he is following can choose. He will not support anyone legitimately elected leader, except himself or someone he follows. 

Is this a man with honesty and integrity? No. 


Judy Bell