Letter to the Editor: Joe Kent’s Loyalty Is Not to the Office or the Country


I have appreciated the complete coverage The Chronicle has given all the candidates and the opportunity to read others’ thoughts on candidates as well as the opportunity to present my own.

I would like to encourage everyone when casting your ballots to not just consider what side a candidate represents.

No party or individual can match every person’s beliefs or even all of the beliefs of one person. While those we elect do represent us, that does not mean they will, or should, always vote strictly on the party line.

Most issues are not black and white, and elected representatives have many resources available to them when making decisions. With that in mind, I look for candidates who indicate that while they may not know everything, they will become educated. Loyalty to the office is different from loyalty to a party or to a person.

Over half of Joe Kent’s statement in the voters’ pamphlet explains why Jaime Hererra Beutler was not a loyal Republican, demonstrating that Kent’s loyalty will not be to the office or to our country. Over half of Marie Gluesenkamp Perez’s statement outlines what she sees as wrong, what she wants to fix, and why she can succeed, demonstrating loyalty to the office.

I am voting for Perez because I feel confident she will rationally consider each issue. Please ask yourself as you vote, are you sure this person will not harm our representative democracy?


Renae Seegmiller