Letter to the Editor: Just Say No to Mineral Lake Rezoning for YMCA


I am a Lewis County resident and have been for 60-plus years. I was born in Morton and graduated from high school there. Some of my most special memories were from time spent at Mineral Lake. I am against the rezoning of Mineral. 

Reading the letter from the writer recommending the zoning change because of past happy, youthful camping at a YMCA in the 1970s makes me wonder where these people have been. Let me tell you, this is no longer the 70s, and the YMCA has gone woke. I was just listening to a 17-year-old girl a couple weeks ago who reported that while recently showering at a YMCA, a nude trans male walked in and began to shower. It so scared the girl that she grabbed a towel and hid in another shower until he left. Afterwards she reported it to staff there. They said the new YMCA policy is that trans people can use whichever shower or bathroom they want. Well, is that something we want occurring in Mineral, a pristine area, which is also quite isolated, with the sheriff’s office admitting they are short-handed when it comes to covering the Mineral area? I’m definitely not saying transgender people are deviants, but am saying it only takes one person hidden in among caring staff to destroy not just a summer camping trip for a child — or multiple children — but perhaps their entire lives. 

What the citizens of Lewis County do not want is another Kiwanis Boys Home situation. And just think about it. The Kiwanis Boys Home was located practically in Centralia city limits and that abuse went on for years. Consider what the situation could become in an isolated place like Mineral. No rezoning! 


Kathleen Bieker