Letter to the Editor: Kent Is Campaigning as a Doormat for Donald Trump


It is said that people can be judged by the company they keep. If this is so, 3rd District congressional candidate Joe Kent is in deep trouble.

Kent is campaigning to unseat fellow Republican Jaime Herrera Beutler, one of only 10 of the 211 Republicans in the House of Representatives to favor the impeachment of Donald Trump in the aftermath of the Jan. 6, 2021, assault on the national Capitol.

Evidently, Kent could not abide this selfless act of exceptional courage. He has based his campaign entirely on unquestioning fealty to the former president.

But not only was Herrera Beutler courageous, she was objectively correct. Nearly 18 months after Jan. 6, there remains no evidence whatsoever that the presidential election was stolen from Trump, or that there was any perceptible fraud on behalf of Joseph Biden.

To the contrary, dozens of lawsuits filed on behalf of Trump's claims have been summarily dismissed as nonsense.  Even Trump's own attorney general, the usually mild-mannered William Barr, has publicly ridiculed allegations of fraud in the most unmistakable and vivid terms.

The attack on the Capitol not only was blatantly illegal, it was motivated unashamedly by the Big Lie.

The picture of Trump that emerges is ever more ugly, as if he were a latter-day Dorian Gray. It now appears that he knowingly abetted the armed insurrection on Jan. 6, and would have welcomed the lynching of Mike Pence, his own vice president.

According to President Harry Truman, "the American people can always see through a counterfeit. It sometimes takes a little time, but eventually they can always spot one."

The bottom line on Trump is that he is utterly incapable of admitting failure, inadequacy or rejection of any kind. This feverish narcissism causes him to lie, cheat and abuse with abandon and without regard for anything but his own narrowly-defined, egotistical self-interest. Evidently, he even shattered White House tableware and lunged at a Secret Service agent's throat.

At least 26 women, unrelated by blood or marriage and unknown one to another, have accused Trump, a bloated has-been, of sexual harassment or even of rape. Gee, who would have guessed?

Joe Kent is campaigning as a doormat for Donald Trump. The 3rd district can do better than that.

Indeed, it could hardly do worse.


Joseph Tipler