Letter to the Editor: Kent Just Another Radical Extremist in Republican Party


Highly classified documents were found at Donald Trump's home in Florida.

Despite Trump's multitude of rationalizations, it was illegal for them to be there.

Trump has not stated, and at this point no one knows for certain, why he took some of the most security-sensitive documents in the government's possession to Mar-a-Lago.

Trump is not complicated. He monetizes everything he sees or touches. He recently monetized the dead body of his first wife Ivana, burying it in a lone, nondescript grave on the first hole of his New Jersey golf course, thereby qualifying it as a cemetery and achieving a fully tax exempt status.

Classified documents containing information about our nuclear weapons, information about United States military or intelligence operations around the world, or information that would expose the names of U.S. intelligence sources in Vladimir Putin's Kremlin or elsewhere would be worth billions of dollars to Trump's buddy Putin or on the open black market.

No notes were kept from Trump's five private conversations with Putin. Unprecedented.

In October 2021, the CIA sent a memo to all its stations around the world warning that an unusually high number of informants were being killed.

Just the facts.

Joe Kent says his political alignment, if elected to Congress. will be with Trump/MAGA extremists Marjorie Taylor Greene and Matt Gaetz. QAnon cheerleader Greene is as dumb as a fence post.  To be fair, fence posts are useful. The equally emetic Gaetz is likely to face trial for having sex with an underage girl and possibly sex trafficking. Both are pro-Putin and oppose helping Ukraine. Both are election deniers. Both promote deranged conspiracy theories.

The night of his win over Herrera-Beutler, Kent appeared on Trump henchman and pro-Putin criminal Steve Bannon's podcast, agreeing with the host that the FBI employed "jack-booted, Gestapo tactics" when they politely executed a legally obtained search warrant of Trump's Mar-a-Lago residence. "This is war," Kent added. Presumably he meant against law enforcement.

Kent is a radical extremist who says the 2020 election needs to be properly "adjudicated." Trump lost in courtrooms 62-0. His election and other lies are intended to burn down the rule of law and install himself in a Putin-style, gangster dictatorship.

Like yelling "fire!” in a crowded theater, a political candidate yelling “election fraud!”  is making a grave accusation with perilous consequences. Doing so without under-oath, courtroom-quality evidence should disqualify any candidate, including Trump or  Kent,  from holding office.

Trump reportedly referred to American soldiers who died at Belleau Wood, France, during  World War I as "losers” and “suckers” and refused to attend a ceremony to honor them in 2018. It is genuinely sad to see Kent's military service honor being flushed down Donald Trump's toilet of deceit and criminality, but over the course of Trump's narcissistic life there is a very long line of foolish people drawn into his vortex of bravado, lies, lawlessness and fake victimhood on the way to their own inevitable destruction.

It is the common pathway to the madness of a cult.


Marty Ansley