Letter to the Editor: Kent Will Fight the Biden Agenda


The Biden administration has gone to war with fossil fuels by implementing a moratorium on all new oil and gas leases on federal land.

America is no longer energy independent. We are dependent on foreign nations, including those that despise the United States like Iran.

Congresswoman Jamie Herrera Beutler has done virtually nothing to counter the Biden agenda. She has consistently voted in favor of his budget and has enabled him to continue reckless inflationary spending.

Southwest Washington needs someone in Congress who will not bow to the whims of the Biden agenda. Our representative must have an effective plan to tackle the rising cost of gas. Joe Kent will be that representative. He has already devised a plan to regain our status as an energy-independent nation, which is key to reducing gas prices.

Joe Kent will not sign off on President Biden’s federal budget until he reverses his disastrous energy policies and restores President Trump’s America First agenda. Joe will pursue a strategy that takes advantage of natural gas and oil reserves while fast-tracking the development of clean nuclear energy. He will fight the Biden agenda and ensure America is energy independent again.


Susie Walsh