Letter to the Editor: Kevin Emerson Will ‘Get’er Done’ for PUD


It’s crunch time to make decisions on who to vote for in this election cycle. If you’re like me, you’re doing everything you can to find out about the candidates so you can make an informed decision. I believe one of the best ways for us to get informed is to share information with each other. So I am writing this letter to join in the effort. I haven’t gotten all of my candidates figured out yet. But I do know for certain one candidate I will be voting for this election. His name is Kevin Emerson.

Why am I voting for Kevin Emerson? Before Kevin got involved in our local government, we had all sorts of issues with our water district and our fire department here in Onalaska. Our sewer plant lab was suspended because it had failed the Department of Ecology inspections. If the power went out, our water supply was only good for a couple of days. The district's spending had gone through the roof, which caused our rates to nearly double. When Kevin ran for the commissioner position, he said he would work to fix these issues, and he did. He fixed these issues and many more. While he was on the board, they even lowered our utility bill by several percent. When’s the last time you heard of that happening? Well, it happened here while Kevin was on the board. Now you’ve heard of it happening.

If you didn’t know about the debacle that took place at our Onalaska fire department in 2017, it was a mess. The chief resigned along with all of our captains. One of the commissioners quit. Our equipment was in shambles and the condition of our fire hall had gotten so bad that it was condemned by the Department of Labor and Industries. Would you believe me if I told you Kevin was appointed to the board and all of these issues got taken care of? We went from the worst possible state we could be in as a fire department to the best and most equipped fire department we’ve ever had.

In the success of these two government agencies there was one common thread — Kevin Emerson.

I’m voting for Kevin Emerson because if there is anything that can be done to improve the state of the PUD, Kevin Emerson has proven he will get’er done. Please visit kevinforcommissioner.com.


Kay McGraw