Letter to the Editor: Lack of Mask Use Locally Is Disappointing


What happened to common sense? What happened to caring for your family and friends?

While shopping in two of the five major stores in Chehalis and Centralia, I couldn't help but notice the number of people that were not wearing masks, even though the sign on the door said that masks were required for entrance.

None of the stores had anyone at the door to enforce the mask requirement. Why? Probably because management is more concerned with sales than they are with the health and welfare of their employees and customers.

Since there are only five major stores in the Chehalis-Centralia area, what if they actually worked together and really required that masks be worn in order to shop in their stores? Would everyone go either north or south to shop?

Probably a few would, but more than likely the majority would don a mask and shop locally.

Maybe Costco is the proper example to follow: You don't get in the door without  a mask and you are monitored throughout the store to make sure that you comply.


Larry Bilyeu