Letter to the Editor: Lawmakers Drop the Ball on Broadband Bill


When you, your children or your grandchildren are dealing with slow, intermittent or unavailable internet service, remember four names — Abbarno, Orcutt, Walsh and McIntire. These are our four elected state representatives who voted against allowing our PUD to provide universal high speed internet service to us.

When it came to choosing between telecommunication companies and us, every one of them chose the telecoms.

Perhaps the most disappointing was Representative Abbarno, who had the audacity to claim that he didn’t know if private industry has “had their shot.” Representative Abbarno, how long should we wait for the telecoms to “have their shot?”

Apparently, Abbarno and the others are oblivious to what lack of high-speed internet service is doing to us. Maybe they  never learned that lack of universally available and reliable electric service was the reason PUDs were authorized in the first place.

Universal reliable availability of electric service was a necessity then just as universal reliable high-speed internet is a necessity now.

Remember the four names — Abbarno, Orcutt, Walsh and McIntire. They are supposed to represent us. Instead, they chose the telecoms.


Delina Cline



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