Letter to the Editor: Let’s Rally to Help a Man Who Has Helped Many Others


Rarely does a day go by when we don’t hear of someone suffering from a deadly cancer or other life-threatening health crises. Such a recent Facebook story got my attention and tugged at my heartstrings: the garbage man is in trouble. Brain cancer.

That’s Donnie Teshera, a longtime area sanitation worker from a well-known Lewis County family. I know him from meetings and other social events. He’s one of those people who works behind the scenes to help those less fortunate — quite often folks struggling to get back on their feet. He’ll help anyone in need. Let me back up a moment to share the kind of guy Donnie is.

One day on my way to work at The Chronicle, I was crossing Pearl Street in Centralia when a loud trash dumpster honked and screeched to a stop. Out popped Mr. Teshera, who proceeded to grab me and hoist me in the air as the clerks in the newspaper front office stared out the window. They must have wondered, “What the hell?”

Meanwhile the odors of our two uniforms blended in our hug — me in my sport coat and reeking of newsprint and he of, well, his career. This little incident reflects his personality. If you are his friend, your social standing or status means nothing. That explains why he is always so willing to assist the most down-and-out over his lifetime.

Volunteering tirelessly to help others is second nature to Donnie; but let me tell you, there are numerous acquaintances and relatives who have felt the healing touch of Mr. Teshera’s goodwill. 

Unfortunately such successes seldom make the news reports from the area. There are many folks among us who who’ve been lifted from the gutter to become contributing members of society in response to Donnie’s unremitting efforts.

Donnie’s rewards will most certainly come from his maker, but in the meantime friends have organized a fundraiser to show their appreciation.

On Saturday, March 11, from 5 to 8 p.m. in The White Space, 203 Tower Ave. in Centralia, supporters will hold a silent auction and benefit spaghetti dinner. It’s a perfect time to return the goodwill Donnie Teshera has shown to so many.


Dennis Waller 

Former Chronicle publisher 

Crosslake, Minnesota