Letter to the Editor: Let’s Talk About Truly Atrocious Policies


Boy, do I agree with Alan Mahood's letter of Oct. 25 when he said, "The time to save our nation is at hand." My question is, "Save our nation from what?" Please vote.

Mr. Mahood claims in his letter that because I support President Trump:

• I believe lies and evil propaganda.

• I support slavery and the elimination of womens' rights.

• I am against the right to vote.

• "America First" means I am associated with Nazis and their use of mass murder.

• Because I do not support the idea that the Jan. 6 riot was an attempted coup, he believes that I am not a friend and he states that I am not a patriotic American.

• He states that we “wrap our evil in propaganda, white teeth and Brooks Brothers suits,” whatever that means.

• He says "dangerous Republicans" champion "atrocious policies."

Here is a list of Republican "atrocious policies":

• Lower gas prices by positive energy policy.

• Parental control of their children's medical care, i.e. child castration and breast removal.

• Law and order, meaning support for police and keeping criminals in jail.

• Lower taxes for everybody.

• Foreign policy based on a position of strength and America first.

• Smaller government and less bureaucratic control of free citizens.

  Recognize that the government has a monopoly on the use of force, and it must be limited.

• Eliminating and punishing the political use of federal police powers.

• Not using government to solve every imaginable problem.

• No permanent dictatorship based on an unending emergency.

• Control the borders against illegals.

• No deficit spending thus low inflation.

• No printing or borrowing trillions of flat dollars.

I would like to mention some "atrocious" Democrat policies.

• Democrats are unwilling to support any restrictions on abortion, thus they appear to support late term abortion.

• Democrats apparently support removing parental control of their children' s medical care.

• Democrats try to cancel our right to practice our religion as protected in the Constitution.

Today’s inflation, the worst since President Carter, is caused by creating trillions of fiat dollars.


Mike Kimbrel