Letter to the Editor: Letter Takes Unfair Line of Attack on Joe Kent


With regard to Mary Jean Dowell’s letter on Sept. 14 titled “Kent Isn’t Familiar With Issues That Matter in 3rd District,” the entire letter is about what Kent doesn’t know in a barrage of very industry specific points.

What I’m curious about is how Marie Gluesenkamp Perez would do? How did she fare on the very specific questionnaire since by trade she and her husband own an auto-repair shop and have never been employed by the forestry industry?

How did Jaime Herrera Beutler score on her highly specific questionnaire?

Personally, I learned that no mills used a 10-inch diameter cutting tool. I’m left wondering what that means, but I would have thought mills would use a variety of sizes based on what’s best for the situation.

I didn’t know that Skamania County schools’ funding comes from U.S. Forest Service funding. In the end, however, I was very confused, because looking at the Skamania School District budgeting, it appears that only 10% comes from federal resources and none of the lines are specific in calling out the U.S. Forest Service.

It does leave me scratching my head a bit since 90% of the budget claims to be derived from local and state resources. Makes me think I’d have to search out the other “facts” and find out how confusing those facts are as well.

The letter from Dowell claims to honor the integrity of real journalism. While letters to the editor are not journalism, you’d think someone who is making the case that they are looking out for the wellbeing of the Washington 3rd Congressional District would be presenting a balanced look at the candidates. However, the only thing that is found is a lopsided attack of Kent. I guess we should look forward to seeing more from Mary Jean Dowell as she continues her due diligence and presents an unbiased look at the candidates so that we get the best representation.


Jade Cady