Letter to the Editor: Lewis County Needs Tom Crowson for Assessor


There are two candidates in the race this November for Lewis County assessor. Tom Crowson currently chairs the Lewis County Board of Equalization (BOE), where citizens come when they are having problems with their property tax. Tom and others on the board decide if the assessor's valuation is accurate, or if the appellants claim for a reduction is valid.

Even when the board decides in the taxpayer's favor, and the State Board of Tax Appeals confirms the BOE decision, the assessor will usually raise the property assessment right back up above the value that was previously appealed.

As an elected official, is our county assessor in office to make money for the county, or is he or she there to represent the voters, taxpayers, citizens and property owners? This arrogant attitude — the “we're right and you're wrong” — viewpoint in our Lewis County Assessor's Office needs to change.

I have been through four hearings at the BOE since 2018 and have spoken with many others who have the same problems with our current assessor. She has been the assessor since 1998 and in the assessor's office since 1975. It's about time the office worked with the taxpayers, listened to their concerns and tries to fix problems with their property taxation before a BOE hearing is necessary.

In this time of inflation in every aspect of our lives, inflation of property tax of one's primary residence needs to stop or be reversed or reduced by legislation at our state level.

Tom Crowson has been speaking with many of our state legislators on how to change or amend our state property tax law, so people won't lose their homes for an inability to afford and pay their out of control, ever increasing property tax.

I am supporting Tom Crowson for Lewis County assessor and I hope your readers will, too. Find out why Tom Crowson is “the taxpayers choice” for Lewis County assessor online at crowsonforasessor@gmail.com.


Gene Anderson