Letter to the Editor: Local Businesses Suffer From Governor’s Order


Our illustrious governor has mandated a one-size fits all edict prohibiting indoor seating in restaurants and bars, for the next 30 days, throughout our entire state.

 Where is there factual evidence, for example, that Ramblin Jacks RibEye has been a breeding ground for the coronavirus?

 As a regular patron of the RibEye, I have noted that the excellent staff has been rigidly observing all of the required precautions, such as requiring that patrons wear face masks before entering the establishment, that the entire staff wears masks at all times, that proper social distancing of tables is maintained and that tables and chairs/seats are thoroughly disinfected after use before other patrons are allowed to sit at them.

Because of this draconian order, approximately 40 employees of the RibEye will be without jobs for the next thirty days. 

As a former financial administrator of many years, I have had the ability to analyze statistics to the point that I was able to sense their accuracy even before I added them up. In other words, something looks screwy.   And, unfortunately, the “statistics” generated regarding the coronavirus look screwy.  And, after reading the article in the Nov. 17 edition of The Chronicle, my skepticism over the accuracy of both state and local statistics has not diminished. 

Instead of a statewide draconian edict, why couldn’t it be applied on a county by county basis, based upon the actual situation in each county?  But that’s too logical for the joke who presently occupies the governor’s mansion.

 What’s appropriate for King County with its lawlessness and instability might just not be appropriate for the saner, majority part of our state.

 Keep restaurants and bars open in Lewis County so workers can keep their jobs!


Robert A. Wheeler