Letter to the Editor: Longtime Law Enforcement Officer Says Farewell


On April 1, I will be retiring from law enforcement. I am writing to express my sincere gratitude to you: the citizens of Lewis County, partner agencies too numerous to name, and all the employees from Lewis County.

I have been fortunate to have had an opportunity to serve Lewis County, where I was born and grew up. Beginning in 1995, I left here and went into the Army, serving as a military police officer. I returned home and was hired on Jan. 20, 1999, by Lewis County Sheriff John McCroskey. Sheriff McCroskey told me that I had entered the most noble of professions and to only do my best for the citizens of Lewis County. During the past 22 years, I had the opportunity to be a deputy, detective, sergeant and a chief deputy.

I served Lewis County under three elected sheriffs, Sheriff McCroskey, Sheriff Steve Mansfield and Sheriff Robert Snaza. Each contributed to my successes and provided me the necessary support needed to be successful for you the citizens.

When I reflect on the last 22 years, many events come to mind. I think about all of the great moments, experiences that I will never see in another career, events that will forever stay with me, and yes the occasional silliness that I gave the job. Among the most rewarding experiences were the opportunities to: train other deputies; provide resolution and/or comfort to victims, survivors, and families affected by tragedy, crime and violence; and engage with so many members of our small community that transitioned to friends for life.

Lewis County has been fortunate to have support from so many citizens and partner agencies. From community members to local businesses; healthcare providers to social services; educational institutions to religious organizations.

Over the years, I have witnessed so many who helped us accomplish our work every day. To each of our partners and to so many people who have engaged in community response, I extend a heartfelt thank you.

Most importantly, those who do the increasingly challenging work in law enforcement that is so essential and so often misunderstood and underappreciated. To the dispatchers, correction deputies, non-sworn personnel and to the family and friends who support them each and every day, you will always have my support, respect, gratitude and admiration. I am honored to serve with you.

As I prepare for the next chapter in my life, I am confident that the professionals at Lewis County Sheriff's Office are well-positioned to continue the agencies' important work for our community.


Bruce F. Kimsey

Lewis County Sheriff’s Office