Letter to the Editor: Make Lewis County a Safer Place to Live


Enough already.

We have robberies and assaults being carried out against us taxpayers and judges who consistently lower bail. Lewis County needs more maximum sentences to make criminals fear committing crimes here.

For example, catalytic converter thieves need to be given consecutive sentences for every converter in their possession. Or consider the recent theft of a truck from the person’s own driveway in Chehalis. He received a slap on the wrist of $10,000 bail. It should have been $100,000 and the suspect should be tried as a lifetime offense. But, no, our public defenders and judiciary are out for the quick turnaround that will ensure their income for life. Criminals are just tools of these suits. Make Lewis County a safe place to live and a fasttrack to prison for those stupid enough to cross the county line.


Jon Coulter