Letter to the Editor: Markstrom Has Proven Himself a Worthy Port of Centralia Commissioner


Since the resignation of Port of Centralia Commissioner Dan Keahey last year, I’ve closely followed Port of Centralia activity. I even put myself forward as a candidate to fill the vacant position. Last fall, I applauded the Lewis County commissioners’ appointment of Kyle Markstrom as port commissioner.

Having brought a wealth of relevant business experience and critical thinking skills to the position, Commissioner Markstrom quickly became an effective contributor to the success of the Port of Centralia. His detailed analysis of the Port’s budget that was shared at the June 16, 2021, Port Commission meeting was particularly insightful and impressive to me.

Over the past year, Commissioner Markstrom has proven himself to be dedicated, uniquely capable and worthy of our trust.

Please vote with me to retain Kyle Markstrom as our Port of Centralia Commissioner for District 1.


Rick Schnatterly