Letter to the Editor: Markstrom Working to Help Our Community Reach Full Potential


The Port of Centralia is an important taxing district that works to bring jobs and economic opportunity to the area. Speaking as a former Centralia city councilor and now state representative, the Port of Centralia plays a vital role in our community partnership to bring jobs and economic success to our region.

I am supporting Kyle Markstrom because he has addressed all the issues related to relocating to the Port of Centralia and creating jobs here in our community. Kyle understands permitting, taxes and the relationship between private businesses and public entities. Kyle will continue to help create jobs and improve the port’s responsiveness to our community needs.

Personally, Kyle Markstom has also improved the quality of life in our community through his energy, kindness and generosity. Kyle and his family are vested in our success, both professionally and personally. His family and their foundation are giving back in many ways we don’t even see.

Kyle and his family are working to help our community reach its full potential. Please vote to retain Kyle Markstrom.


Peter Abbarno