Letter to the Editor: More Than One Side Is to Blame For Unrest


My father always told me, “There’s two sides to every story.” 

This made me think about the latest impeachment effort of Trump from a different angle. Democrats should be just as culpable, having been spewing rhetoric from the beginning of Trump’s presidency to create mistrust in our elections. 

His dissenters have been riling up their base for four years with their mantra: “Trump’s illegitimate” and “he must go.”

From the “Russian Collusion Delusion” and the “Impeachment Confusion,” to the “COVID Infection” and the “Election Deflection,” they threw everything they had at him. We continued to hear, all through this past election year, “we’ll stop at nothing” and “whatever it takes” from the left. 

They weren’t exactly subtle. 

They used the COVID situation to make mail-in voting not just a convenience, but a necessity. Creating an opportunity fraught with anomalies and possible hijinks.

This is enough to make constitutional supporters very disillusioned about our democracy and our election system. 

I’m not condoning the violence that took place in Washington, D.C. on inaugural day any more than the violence that took place all last summer in democratic cities that seemed to condone it because their concerns were legitimate. If you stand back and really look at it, it seems obvious that more than one side could be to blame.


Sheryl Isaacson