Letter to the Editor: My Experience Shows I’ll Represent Centralia Well on Council


This election season, I’m writing to ask Centralians to cast your vote for me, Leah Daarud, for Centralia City Council Position 3 at-large. My commitment to the people of Centralia now and for future residents is to promote policy for the people and challenge policies that are not. I will advocate for you and represent you at city hall if elected.

I am a wife and mother of three school-aged children. I am passionate about and invested in Centralia’s growth and the future of our community. My perspective is formed by thousands of hours of community-serving work, and my policy ideals are constitutional, practical, responsible and compassionate.

Collaborative efforts and working together to find solutions for challenges Centralia faces every day is critical. I am for, and promote, limited government. I will continue to support and be for equipping law enforcement officers and agencies. I support and encourage thoughtful growth and development. I will advocate for fiscal responsibility.

Historically, I prefer to serve and go unnoticed. When campaigning for a seat in public office, the community who votes wants to know how invested a candidate is. I currently serve the community as an appointed planning commissioner for the City of Centralia. I serve on weekend mornings with the Centralia Clean Team, a volunteer group that picks up tons of litter from our streets. I was chosen to serve on the Centralia School District Budget Task Force Team in 2020.

I also have chosen to be involved in many different volunteer capacities, ensuring that I can positively impact the wellbeing of our community. For years, I have served our marginalized populations in a variety of ways from food service and preparation, night shift coverage at our severe weather shelter and providing counseling and advocacy services. For the last decade, I have served in the behavioral health field and have experience and knowledge that I can apply to discussion when working to find solutions to our unhoused community and our residents experiencing substance use and behavioral health challenges. I have a practical understanding and familiarity with local, state and federal policies that can and could be barriers and what we can do as a city, to address these issues and continue to make Centralia better for all.

In my interactions with residents, officials, business owners, investors, developers or anyone, I strive to be a respectful and capable collaborator. I will provide experience, perspective and vision that is ideal for Centralia City Council.

My long history of community involvement assures that I have proven habits of being accessible to all of the people of this city. As your representative on the city council, I will happily take on the work of actively listening, communicating and taking action. I will gladly take your call or email. I can be reached at 360-540-8580 and ldaarud4centralia@gmail.com.

As you consider your options for the leadership team in Centralia, I hope you will vote for Leah Daarud for Centralia City Council, Position 3 at-large.


Leah Daarud



Editor’s note: Political candidates are allowed to publish one letter to the editor per election cycle.