Letter to the Editor: Observing the Sheriff's Race


Observing the Lewis County sheriff’s race, I have listened to both candidates at numerous forums these last couple months.

Both Rob Snaza and Tracy Murphy have been congenial and pleasant when I spoke with them; however, it’s been confusing as I watched Murphy enter the race for sheriff. Tracy calls himself a Republican, but I see more of a left-leaning Democrat presence supporting and surrounding him. I am only aware of a couple times that Murphy attended the Republican monthly meetings. While I’m aware of Snaza attending on multiple occasions and many times consistently.

He was there to give his support and advice when needed. There is no doubt in my mind that Snaza supports the Republican Party, but I cannot say the same for Murphy.

When Murphy entered the race, he first visited with the Democrat Party before ever reaching out to the Republican Party. When he was questioned about this at the Morton forum, his reply was something like, “I didn’t think about it.”

I have noticed Murphy’s yard signs are commonly surrounded among Democrat signs in the same yard. And at the Democrats fair booth, guess whose yard sign I saw there? So, I began to question, where is Murphy’s allegiance?

Would Murphy throw us under the bus to appease his Democrat base and align himself with Inslee, Biden and Harris?

I have been on both sides of the aisle and have voted both Democratic and Republican in my lifetime, but I have walked away from the Democrat Party. I cannot say it any better than how Tulsi Gabbard recited at her speech this past week leaving the Democrat Party. If you haven’t heard it, look it up.

The current Democratic Party is unrecognizable to me and has been for some time. In our world today, where evil and good are at war and the fate of our children should be a grave concern to us all, I feel so much safer knowing Rob Snaza is my sheriff. I have heard him speak numerous times and Rob is so passionate and patriotic when it comes to protecting all of us and our unalienable God-given rights, regardless of our political affiliation.

Rob has shown his compassion, courage and desire to stick by our side and to be a voice for us, the people.

It is rare to find leaders that will stand up strong in today’s world that have these qualities and it cannot be any more detrimental at this time in our world than to not have a leader like this as our sheriff. Join me in voting for Rob Snaza as sheriff.


Chris Granger

Silver Creek