Letter to the Editor: Our God-Given Rights Are Being Slowly Stripped Away


America as we know it is in trouble. 

Politicians are in government to promote themselves, not our interests, and definitely not America's interest. 

Our money is printed with the message "in God we trust." We sing “God Bless America." We pledge allegiance to our flag. 

My plea: God help Americans keep unity in the United States of America. Part of that unity is Christian, conservative, rural values and beliefs.

We need to stand up and be heard before our freedom of speech is taken from us. 

Big Tech is "cancelling" us. Our voices are being silenced. We can't be cancelled. I won't be cancelled! 

America is being denigrated by the left with hypocritical government mandates, biased news media and socialist brainwashing. 

I don't need to be deprogrammed. Do you? 

Our God-given rights (unalienable if you prefer) of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness are slowly and systematically being stripped away. Speak out for freedom of speech. Stand up for the America we know and love, the land of the free and the home of the brave. 

Let's mend the tapestry that is uniquely American, red and blue threads together. God bless America. 

God bless us one and all.


Debbie Dalsted