Letter to the editor: Please do not use cemeteries as playgrounds


Halloween is nearly upon us. 

This is a fun time for many, giving an opportunity to get together with friends and family to “party down.”

The cute little trick-or-treaters are indeed delightful. For those of us in the community who watch after and care for our pioneer cemeteries, it becomes a time of increased vigilance and concern.

I am penning this note with that in mind and ask Halloween merrymakers to please remember that cemeteries are a sacred place of peace and rest and should be treated with respect.

Fernhill Cemetery, located on Bishop Road just south of Chehalis, will have both gates locked, preventing drive-through traffic for several weeks before and after Halloween, and we will be patrolling the grounds. 

Daytime “walkabouts” can still enter on the north end.

For those needing access, text 360-304-8536 for assistance.

Please do not use cemeteries as playgrounds. Have a fun and happy Halloween.


Penny Mauel 

president, Fernhill Cemetery Association