Letter to the Editor: Please Support the Lid Lift for Lewis County Fire District 1


As a resident and now a commissioner, the importance to level set our levy to provide financial support for our department has never been more important. This is not a new levy it is an adjustment to the current levy. Due to our area’s growth, it actually reduces the amount that can be assessed, but with the growth the demand has also grown for services. The community has supported us with a beautiful new station on State Route 508, and to support that station and our volunteers and staff, we can continue to support our citizens in the same manner they expect and deserve. If approved, it will restore the assessed amount to $1.35 per $1000 of assessed evaluation. 

It has dropped to $.35 per assessed value. The lid lift value would rise in 2022 for one year and then gradually decrease again in following years. The estimated increase would be $12.50 per month for a $200,000 valued residence. The proposition is included in the tax exemption for those that qualify. If you need more information please feel free to contact our fire chief Brad Flexhaug at the station. Please join me in supporting this lid lift that upholds a valuable service for our community.


Carol Brock

fire commissioner