Letter to the Editor: ‘Plugging’ for Kevin Emerson for Lewis County PUD Commissioner


We assume that the lights will always go on when we flip the switch and the rates will be reasonable. But I’m nervous. You should be as well.

Power rates are threatening to escalate. I’m looking to Kevin Emerson to give us “surge protection” from inflammatory energy prices. Kevin has a record of leading other agencies out of financial crises by confronting fiscal mismanagement, simplifying budgets, retiring debts, building reserves and ensuring equipment is well supplied and serviced.

Presently, the Lewis County PUD has no plan to explore local power generation opportunities to keep up with needs. Kevin will work to give us the infrastructure to meet demands.

I have grave concerns for the safety and reliability of our grid. I believe Kevin will help us be on guard from:

• Brownouts caused by overtaxed systems

• Aged equipment failures

• Weather-related outages

• Physical sabotage

I’m “plugging” for Kevin Emerson as a District 3 PUD commissioner. See Kevin Emerson’s website at kevinforcommissioner.com


Steven C. Johnson