Letter to the Editor: Port Planning Is Vitally Important


Dear Port Commissioners:

As a newcomer to this area, and a frequent traveler of Galvin Road, I am wondering, and seriously hoping, that in your quest to develop this area west of the freeway you have planned for and considered the amount of new traffic that is being brought in? Poor little Galvin Road, as just one example, is sometimes a nightmare of big trucks already since UNFI came to town. Do you and the city ever explore the planning of a truck route before any of these developments come into play?

Traffic on Harrison is abysmal most hours of the day and night, as you must know. Traffic at peak hours is starting to back up on the off ramps to the traffic lights. Where do you foresee these trucks and employee vehicles going with this latest property sale for yet another large business?

While most of us here appreciate growing the community and bringing tax revenue of this nature to town, planning is vitally important. Please tell us all that you have something in mind for the increasing traffic, or have you all gotten the cart before the horse here?


Kathy Overton


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