Letter to the Editor: Questions on Death of Hiker Aron Christensen


Is this another botched homicide investigation by the Lewis County Sheriff’s Office?

Just asking.

From what I have read in the media, it is enough to justify the question. Seems like a lot of stupid comments being made by law enforcement as well as the coroner.

The release of information about the death was due to a heart attack? How stupid does one have to be to say that from the beginning?

Aron Christensen had a “widow maker’s heart?”

The time it took for Sheriff Rob Snaza to release the information that Aron died from a gunshot wound is suspect at best.

Snaza knew the shooters’ names from the beginning and the victim’s family state they were told they were “nice kids.” No, they killed an innocent man. Still no arrests.

This begs the question, are they being protected for some reason?

The entire truth of the investigation needs to be made public. I would hope Snaza would step up and admit any mistakes made by him or his deputies and take action.

Perhaps it is time this old homicide detective comes out of retirement for this one.

I hope Snaza doesn’t let this become his Rhonda Reynolds legacy.


Jerry C. Berry

Atlanta, Texas