Letter to the Editor: Safer?


It's the first week of November. In another few days, the election will be history apart from the counting of the ballots and the announcements of winners and losers. 

The war of political signage will be a thing of the past apart from the taking down of said signage.

Recently, a sign has appeared on Jackson Highway proclaiming "Safer with Snaza" (the current Lewis County sheriff), as if his record of supporting gun-toting, firearm brandishing vigilantes over ordinary citizens never happened. As if his "don't be a sheep" speech to an anti-vaxing, anti-masking crowd in the teeth of the COVID-19 pandemic promoted the safety of Lewis County residents.

However, notwithstanding the record of the Lewis County Republicans ignoring the needs and desires of the citizenry during their decades at the helm of the county, the voters of Lewis County will, if history is any indicator, install another batch of ultra conservatives to do battle with the United States of America, while ignoring the needs of Washington and Lewis County in particular, because we want to “own the libs” above all else. 

Our schools falling apart? More people than ever living under bridges and in homeless encampments? Senior citizens living in desperation? Well, at least we know how to show those libs who's the boss here.

We could, of course, break with our history and reject the candidate who supports breaking into government buildings, who says that being held to account in courts of law for criminal actions is a miscarriage of justice, and that those who fought to negate the result of the election of 2020 are political prisoners. 

Of course in Lewis County we are all for backing the Blue, unless of course, the Blue in question are the officers charged with protecting members of Congress.

At a recent gathering at a public establishment every member of our Republican "leadership" stood shoulder to shoulder with the election denying, fascist leaning candidate to replace Jamie Herrera Beutler, who made the unforgivable mistake of voting to impeach the man who incited a riot at our nation’s Capital while he was sitting in the Oval Office. Poor Jamie, she didn't realize how deeply the worshiping of the former president as God himself runs among the Lewis County GOP.

When Nov. 8 comes, I hope the rest of the voters in the nation will have rejected the siren song of the GOP fascists and their attempts to rewrite history as if Jan. 6, 2021, either never happened or, even, worse was carried out by patriotic Americans trying to save the nation from the forces of BLM, antifa, George Soros and the dreaded “Libs.”

I myself have already voted, having cast my ballot two days after receiving it in the mail. It is my hope that in the nation as a whole sanity will prevail.

Lewis County, I fear, is so far down the path to fascism that we will likely never return.

Alan Mahood